Resize recipe

Resize recipe

Use our free recipe converter calculator to multiply or divide recipes to fit the group size. Fill out the information below and click to instantly resize your recipe! This resize recipe converter is designed to be easy to use. To resize by multiplier e. To reduce the size of your recipe e. This online recipe scaler will adjust a recipe's ingredients to accommodate a greater or lesser number of servings, or to scale from one baking pan size and shape to another. You can either paste-in the recipe's.

The recipe converter also known as a recipe calculator, recipe multiplier, recipe divider, recipe scaler, or serving sizer is a kitchen tool that can be used to help. Online kitchen calculator and recipe converter tools for cooking and baking. How to convert a recipe multiply, divide, scale, portion the quick and easy way. Available Units.

Unit ——— Abbrev. Dry Measurements:? Pinch, pinch. Teaspoon, tsp. Tablespoon, tbsp. Cup, cup. Liquid Measurements:. Making No-Bake Clay. Make sure to be […] Making Clay Method 2.

Recipe Converter & Scaler

Find a large bowl and add the salt […] Makeing Clay Method 2.Use this recipe converter and scaler to easily resize a recipe to serve as many portions as needed, as well as to convert units from imperial to metric and vice versa. It can also convert tablespoons and teaspoons to grams, cups to grams, or grams to cups, tablespoons or teaspoons.

Start by supplying the URL of the recipe. Alternatively, enter the recipe by hand or by pasting it: one ingredient per line. There are two main ways to use the tool: as a recipe resizer multiplier or divider and as a unit converter. Of course, you can also use both functionalities at the same time: scale a recipe to your required number of servings as well as convert the measurement units to imperial or metric, depending on your preferences.

You can also convert quantities given in cups, tablespoons and teaspoons to millimeters or fluid ounces. Learn how to scale a recipe e. To begin, select how you would like to input the recipe ingredients. You can provide a URL from which our recipe converter will automatically extract the ingredients, as well as the name of the recipe and its yield, if available. After pasting the URL, just click anywhere outside the field to trigger the ingredients extractions process. If the extraction is successful, you will see the ingredients listed in the text field below.

If not, you will need to resort to the other option: manually inputting the ingredients, one per line. Note that it is recommended that you enter them the following format: quantity, measurement unit, name of ingredient, e. You can then select whether to perform a unit conversion or just keep the units as they are originally provided, as well as select whether to convert measurements given in cups, tbsp or tsp to ml, fl oz or oz. Finally, you can input the original size yield of the recipe it may be automatically filled if extracting the ingredients from a URLas well as the servings you need to prepare.

If both are given, all recipe ingredients will be multiplied or divided accordingly. For example, you should always begin the line with the quantity, if you want it to be converted or scaled. The recipe calculator will correctly process things like fractions, ranges, additional measurements given in brackets, and others.

For example, these ingredients will be scaled and converted correctly:. Our recipe converter will attempt to apply the correct form of the word after a recipe scaling, e. Some ingredients require a bit different scaling than most. For example, spicy ingredients should rarely be doubled if you are doubling a recipe: usually your best bet is to multiply by a factor of 1.

This would apply to things like chiles, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, etc.

resize recipe

Tasting and adding more heat, if required, is recommended. Once added in, you cannot take it out! Note that our recipe scaler does not threat any such ingredients any differntly. You need to use just enough oil, butter etc. If it is a regular ingredient mixed in with the rest, then the regular recipe scaling applies.This free online recipe converter will scale a recipe's ingredients from one number of servings to another, or from one baking pan size and shape to another.

Whether you need to increase, reduce, double, halve, etc. You can enter the recipe ingredients line by line, or you can paste-in a recipe's ingredient list all at once and have the calculator load it into the form for you. Super cool! Plus, you can choose to include the metric equivalents for each converted ingredient measurement.

Soapmaking Calculator and Recipe Resizer:

And for dry measurements, the calculator will even try to match each ingredient with its unique weight factor flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. And finally, unlike other online recipe converters, this converter will provide you with a printer-friendly version so you can print out the completed conversion -- which will include a column containing the original unit quantities and a column containing the converted unit quantities.

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A Data Record is a set of calculator entries that are stored in your web browser's Local Storage. If a Data Record is currently selected in the "Data" tab, this line will list the name you gave to that data record.

If no data record is selected, or you have no entries stored for this calculator, the line will display "None". Choose 1 of the following 4 options for setting the conversion factor. Tap the info "i" icon next to an option for its explanation. Note for premium members: The conversion factor settings will not be saved in the database record, only the name and original recipe ingredients and measurements.

Enter the original number of servings and the number of desired servings. The recipe converter will automatically calculate the conversion factor and enter it into the appropriate field. Select the desired recipe adjustment from the drop-down menu. Required: If you did not complete Options 1, 2, or 3, manually enter the conversion factor here. If you completed 1 of the 4 conversion options this field will contain the final conversion factor multiplierwhich is required before the calculator will convert the ingredients.

If you are able to copy the recipe ingredients and paste them into the large field in this section, the calculator will attempt to load the ingredients and measurements into the conversion form for you hopefully saving you time. The calculator expects the pasted ingredients to be whole-number fraction unit descriptionwith a space in between each, and a new line for each ingredient.

Also, the first character on each line must be numeric, so precede decimal points with a zero enter. When ready, click the button and then edit the loaded ingredients as needed. Note that depending on the width of the calculator, you will see either a vertical entry form optimized for mobile devices narrow widths or a horizontal entry form optimized for desktop devices widths wide enough to accommodate rows and columns of entry fields.

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To add an ingredient, enter the quantity, select the unit of measurement, and enter an ingredient description. To edit an ingredient in the list, tap the radio button in the Edit column.How to Rescue Overproofed Dough November 20, Just follow these simple steps.

The Great Cast Bullet Sizing Controvery

Because volume measurements are often rounded to the nearest spoon or cup, you should not multiply or divide volumes when scaling a recipe up or down. Instead, scale the weights as described above, and then weigh the ingredients on a digital scale. Adapted from Modernist Cuisine at Home. Why Cook Sous Vide? How Pressure Cookers Work.

Hi Any chance of bringing out an iPhone app that does the scaling. Would be a great help at work ……. The percentage step is unnecessary.

resize recipe

To make 1. If your sodium citrate is the fineness of table salt, 11g is two rounded teaspoonfuls. Four cups of grated cheese is probably more than g. Use the coarse side of a box grater, or use bagged grated cheese from the supermarket.

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Dump it into the liquid all at once if you want, even. I do, and it still blends up beautifully. The only down side is that cleanup is no fun. Very hot water helps. I mean, I just spent 15 mins trying to figure out what was so meaningful about this new process to no effect. I agree with just about everyone above.

I have a recipe that requires 1 pound of flour. From a restaurant. Need to cut down to normal amount. Never made before and not great at this at all. Very sticky hard to work with.

Your email address will not be published. Tweets ModernCuisine. Posts See All. Instagram ModCuisine. Note the weight given. Calculate the scaling factor by dividing the number of servings or grams you want to make by the recipe yield.With these pantry staples, you can bake muffins, cakes, breads, pancakes, cookies, and other goodies.

We all know it's a bad idea to leave milk unrefrigerated—but how long is too long? Home Recipes Ingredients. Ingredient Recipes Recipes organized by primary and important ingredients, like oils, flours and herbs. Is My Milk Still Good? Oven-Roasted Asparagus. Quick and Almost-Professional Buttercream Icing.

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Chicken Parmesan. Chef John's Buttermilk Biscuits. Delicious Egg Salad for Sandwiches. Polish Noodles Cottage Cheese and Noodles. Gourmet Mushroom Risotto. Chef John's Lemon Bars.

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Old Fashioned Creamy Rice Pudding. This is a thick and spicy barbeque chicken recipe that has won several cooking contest. The sauce consists of molasses, brown sugar, tomato juice and spices all pureed together in a blender.

Some may wish to cut the amount of pepper in half. By Kathy. Self-Rising Flour. Find out how to make self-rising flour at home with this easy recipe.

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By Marina G. Light or Dark Brown Sugar. Making your own brown sugar is so simple and easy and it tastes exactly like store-bought! You'll never run out of brown sugar if you keep two simple ingredients on hand.

By JillH. Easy paneer recipe. Add to your favorite curry or dish. Great for vegetarians.Unfortunately, most recipes are geared towards families of four to six.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as leftovers can be a good thing.

resize recipe

And when you're cooking for one or two, a freezer can be your best friend. Nevertheless, there are times when you simply want to reduce a recipe and it's not that difficult! Convert and reduce: Some measurements will be more difficult to reduce. The key here is to change the measurement to one that's easier to divide evenly.

Eight tablespoons don't divide evenly by three, but 24 teaspoons divided by three equals 8 teaspoons. Difficulty: Easy. Time Required: 10 minutes. Here's How:. Do the easy part first: The first step in scaling a recipe down is dividing the easy measurements by however much you're reducing the recipe.

For example, if a recipe that serves four calls for one cup of chicken broth, simply divide by two; a piece of cake. Estimate and taste: Keep in mind that, unless you're baking, recipes should be regarded more as guidelines than strict rules.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is, whether you're cooking for two or twenty, to under-season and then taste and adjust. Choose the right pot: In general, when reducing a recipe you don't shorten cooking times, but you may want to reduce the size of your pot or pan.

This is because the size of the pot can affect cooking times. In general, if you're actually cooking a piece of meat or vegetable in liquid, then you may want to use a smaller vessel. If you're simply reducing a liquid for a sauce, then size seldom matters.

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Down-size your baking dishes: It's worth investing in a couple of small baking dishes and casseroles because if you cut a recipe in half and try to bake it in too large a dish it can overcook, not cook enough, or dry out. Read More.Converting recipes can always be a daunting task. Often times, it starts when you find a recipe you like, but it's not in the correct portion you need, or you may not have the correct measuring tools to do the job. The result?

Blankly staring at a sheet of paper trying to figure out how to convert the recipe to fit your needs. So maybe you'll start by taking out your calculator and dividing or multiplying the recipe.

resize recipe

Most likely you'll end up with something like 1. Next you'd probably go online to search for some kind of conversion tool to find out what 2. Or maybe you'd even go as far as searching for a special calculator you can buy to help you do the math. By the end of all this, you're probably wondering if you did all the math correctly, so you try out the newly converted recipe and cross your fingers hoping it will turn out.

Sound familiar? That's where MyKitchenCalculator. Within a few minutes, or even seconds, you can quickly and easily convert recipes. Just follow the simple steps below! Whether your recipes come from a food blog, recipe website, book, or magazine, the MyKitchenCalculator.

You can also use the MyKitchenCalculator. How to convert a recipe. Multiplying, dividing, scaling, or portioning a recipe Converting recipes can always be a daunting task. Steps to convert a recipe Find a recipe that you would like to convert. Recipes can be found by searching online, going to your favorite food blogs, or going to recipe websites such as allrecipes. You can also find recipes in many magazines and cookbooks. If using a recipe from a food blog, recipe website, or other electronic method, copy the ingredients section of the recipe and paste it into the MyKitchenCalculator.

If your recipe is from a cookbook or magazine, simply type the information into the ingredient list section of the tool. Note: The copy and paste feature may not work for certain websites, web browsers, or devices depending on how the web page is formatted, or if the web browser and device support the copy and paste feature.

If the copy and paste feature does not work, you can still manually type in or edit the ingredient list. Note: To tell the converter to convert other numbers on the ingredient line, use the operator.

Note: Due to the nature of recipe conversions, you may need to adjust the recipe instructions, cooking times, and equipment accordingly to suit the needs of the recipe.

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